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The Bronx District Attorney's Office prosecutes drug cases through its Narcotics Unit. Drug cases are either posession, sale or conspiracy to sell narcotics. The Unit also does long term wiretap investigations that result in a high number of arrests. The use of confidential informants are also used by the Unit to assist in prosecutions. New laws allow those that are charged with drug sales to have their cases dismissed after they complete a drug program. It is up to the court to determine if a person is eligible for such a program.

In many cases we have been successful in having the charges dismissed or reduced significantly thus avoiding jail time. There are mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted that can result in years in prison. Mr. Discioarro was a narcotics prosecutor in the Bronx DA's office.If you have a pending drug case in The Bronx, contact The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC at 917-519-8417 and let us put our experience to work for you.